Wood Maintenance

At Edwood Studio, we make a lot of cheese and charcuterie boards. By following these steps you can keep your cutting board from cracking and splitting, maintain that gorgeous grain and preserve your board for years to come

1) Treat your board once a month or whenever the board has a faded and dry surface
2) Clean your board by rinsing it with hot water and some light organic dish detergent, remove excess food build up with a sponge and pat dry with a towel. Always stand vertically to dry in order to avoid any warping
3) Simply layout a long sheet of plastic wrap and spread mineral oil or beeswax on the sheet in a 10-15" diameter. Apply a 3" diameter of mineral oil on the board, work the oil into the board and lay the oiled side face down. Pour another 3" diameter on the top portion, work the oil into the board and cover it up with the surrounding plastic wrap. Mineral oil is available at any pharmacy and beeswax can be found at DIY stores
4) Leave the board to soak for 24 hours, remove from the plastic wrap, and stand vertically to absorb remaining mineral oil for 48 hours

Voilà - the board is now good as new!

Note: If your board feels coarse to the touch after the first hot water rinse, allow to dry and lightly sand away the raised wood grain down to a smooth finish with 320 grit sandpaper. Proceed to step 2, above.